MonkeyPoo Paintball Marker Lube

Where do you buy Oringmonkey MonkeyPoo Paintball Lube? You buy Monkey Poo Paintball Lube right here!

Oringmonkey's Monkey Poo paintball marker lubricant. Specially formulated for spool valve markers and helps prevent bolt stick and even helps remedy "First Shot Dropoff" (FSDO).
Formulated by a mixture of complex hydrocarbons and additional excipients to stabilize its consistency, MonkeyPoo goes on slick, stays on the bolt and has a great banana scent! Doesn't turn "watery" and no need to glob it on! A little amount goes a long way!

WARNING: Do Not Fling!!! NOT for human consumption.

"When i was using Sl33k my velocity had a window of +/- 12, when i switched to MonkeyPoo (without adjusting anything) the window was down to +/- 2!" - Rob (Monroe, NY)

"I recently switched to MonkeyPoo from Sleek33. Much better result on chrono right away!" - Phil (Santa Clarita, CA)

"MonkeyPoo FTW!!!" - Jay (Brooklyn, NY)

"I want my hands to smell like bananas" - Brandon (Summerville, SC)

"Played today at about 25°F weather. Monkey Poo held up! Not even once did the bolt stick!" - Eddie (Centreville, VA)

"I tried the sample pack of Monkey Poo on my NXT and the velocity went from 210 to 300!!!!!! My PSi was set to 210 and I had to back it all the way down to 190 to get it to chrono below 280. Gotta get some POO!!!! You guys continue to amaze me with your products!" - Ron (Burlington, NJ)

"I set the FSDO on my 09 GEO to 0 in our -15°C Russian Winter weather. Works great!!!" - Sergey (St. Petersburg, Russia)

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